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2015-2016 Season
Ricky Martinez talks about casting actors in new ways that defy traditional casting
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Speaking to a diverse contemporary audience,
NEW THEATRE produces vibrant theatre
that stimulates, provokes, challenges and entertains

Brief Introduction To The Top 3 Most Popular Musicals Of All Time

From outstanding story lines to whimsical live performances, musicals have a way of capturing the hearts of the public. But over the years, there are few of them which have stood the test of time. Here are the 3 most popular musicals of all time:

Les Misérables

Based on the classic novel by Victor Hugo, Les Misérables is a story about a French peasant named Jean Valjean and his uplifting journey towards survival and redemption set in the 19th century. The musical Les Mis is the second longest running musical in the West End since 1985 and its 2012 film adaptation received outstanding reviews and awards.

The Phantom of the Opera

Another musical based on a novel called Le Fantôme de l'Opéra by Gaston Leroux, the plot is about a young and beautiful soprano prima donna who later became the obsession of a mysterious musical genius called the Phantom. The Phantom of the Opera is considered as the most successful musical of all time and it has been the longest running musical in Broadway.


Composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, the musical was based on T.S. Eliot’s collection of poems. The story revolves around a cats’ tribe named the Jellicles and their decision who of them will ascend to what they call “Heaviside Layer” and will come back to a new life. Cats is included in the list of longest running musical both in Broadway and West End, and has been translated to numerous languages.

Wonder how broadway stars manage to look so young, vibrant and maintain their great skin? Check out these beauty tips shared by real broadway performers.

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The 3 Most Famous Musical Actresses Of All Time

In the world of musicals, there are few stars that can attract both the audience and producers. By the strength of their name, experiences and talent, here are the 3 most popular musical actresses of all time:

Julie Andrews

Before becoming a famous movie and TV star, Julie Andrews was a theater royalty first. Debuted in the hit musical My Fair Lady as the lead role of Eliza Doolittle, where she was nominated in her first Tony Award and followed by another nomination in her lead role in the musical Camelot. After her success in theater, she also conquered the film industry with her lead roles as Mary Poppins and as Maria for The Sound of Music. She was also reknowned for her radiant skin during her time. Fortunately, in this modern era, there are a plethora of good face firming & tightening serums/ creams that can help you achieve her radiant look.

Judy Garland

A much loved actress because of her rich voice, Judy Garland made her way into stardom by portraying Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Soon after, she made more musicals including the Strike Up the Band in 1942 and For Me and My Gal in 1943. Although she passed away early, her life is celebrated in a musical called Chasing Rainbows where it tells about Judy’s childhood and her journey to Oz.

Chita Rivera

Best known for her portrayal as Anita in the famous musical West Side Story, Chita Rivera is an icon in the musical history. Other hit musicals earned her 8 Tony Nominations such as Bye Bye Birdie, Chicago and Bring Back Birdie. She later won her 2 Tony Awards in the musicals The Rink and Kiss of the Spider Woman. Chita also received the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama in 2009.

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