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Blind Date
February 27 - March 28, 2004 Mario Diament

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A chance encounter between a man and a woman... another one between a sighted and a sightless man...yet another between two women... life changing events happen everyday...we just don't see. These are but a few of the themes and images that flow through the compelling and taut drama Blind Date by the Argentine-born playwright Mario Diament.

Commissioned by New Theatre, the play is another world premiere by the author of The Book of Ruth (Carbonell nomination 2001) and Smithereens (Carbonell winner for Best New Play 2002).

Directed by Rafael de Acha, the cast features David Kwiat and Lisa Morgan, both multiple Carbonell nominees and veterans of countless New Theatre productions; Steve Gladstone in his New Theatre debut, and New Theatre mainstay Ursula Freundlich.

The production is made possible through the generous support of The Manny and Ruthy Cohen Foundation and Melvin C. and Nancy Morgenstern. The production also has the generous support of The National Endowment for the Arts.

From Mario Diament's Blind Date:
'Every missed encounter is essentially a twist of fate, don't you think? It's what could have been but never was. It's the element that alters the course of history. Imagine, if Napoleon hadn't met Josephine that night at the house on Rue Chantereine, or if Lenin had skipped the group session where he met Krupskaya...The history of the world would have been different, right? Have you ever stopped to think about the complex fabric of coincidences that a simple encounter involves? For instance, the odds that you and I would run into each other? In fact, what are the probabilities for two complete strangers to meet in a city of ten million people? One in a billion? One in ten billions? Naturally, one has to factor in all the variables that affect probability: age, social status, interests, the geographical parameters within which two people orbit... Take me, for instance, I lead a routine life, but you on the other hand had never sat on a park bench... Every chance encounter has the complexity of the universe. Just think of the infinite sum of insignificant details that could have conspired against this encounter between you and me.'

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