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The South Florida Shakespeare Festival

The South Florida Shakespeare Festival August 3 - August 27, 2006

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Rotating Repertory Schedule

The Winter's Tale
August 3 (Preview), 5 (Press Opening), 6 (7 pm), 10, 12, 13 (1 pm), 18, 20 (7 pm), 24, 26 (8 pm), 27 (1 pm, Closing)

Much Ado About Nothing
August 4 (Preview), 6 (1 pm- Press Opening), 11, 13 (7 pm), 17, 19, 20 (1 pm), 25 (8 pm), 27 (7 pm- Closing)

Directors: (TALE) Kathi E.B. Ellis and Roberto Prestigiacomo (ADO), Set Design: Jesse Dreikosen, Costume Design: Estela Vrancovich, Text Coach: Bridget Connors, Sound Design: M. Anthony Reimer, Choreography: Ricky J. Martinez, Lighting Design: Doug Molash

The Winter's Tale

The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare

Leontes of Sicilia (Robert Strain) and Hermione (Annemaria Rajala) have a young son, Mamillius (Nicholas Alexander). King Polixenes of Bohemia (Peter Tedeschi) is concluding a long visit to their kingdom. Leontes comes to believe that Hermione's child was fathered by Polixenes and that Polixenes and Hermione are plotting to murder him. Leontes tries to force Camillo (Steve Gladstone) into poisoning Polixenes, but Camillo warns Polixenes and the two escape together. Hermione gives birth to a daughter, whom Leontes believes is illegitimate. A Servant (Christopher Vicchiollo)takes the baby girl to Bohemia and abandons her on the beach on the king's orders. Hermione standing trial for her life, collapses when she learns that Mamillius has fallen sick and died, and is carried away by her friend Paulina (Bridget Connors). Hermione is presumed dead. Leontes collapses with grief.

Time (Steve Gladstone) appears to tell the audience that sixteen years will now magically pass by and that we will next find ourselves in the kingdom of Bohemia where Hermione's daughter (Cecilia Isis Torres), named Perdita ("lost") has grown up as the adopted daughter of an old man - now dead - and his Shepherd son (Chris Vicchiollo). Perdita and Florizel (Euriamis Losada), son of King Polixenes, have met and fallen in love. He pretends to be a shepherd named Doricles ("golden glory"), although Perdita knows his true identity. Autolycus (James Samuel Randolph), formerly a court servant now a vagabond, plays tricks on the Shepherd. Polixenes appears at the shepherd's home, accompanied by Camillo, and orders his son to renounce his love, threatening Perdita and her brother with death. The young couple decides to escape and, assisted by Camillo, who longs to return to his country, set sail for Sicilia. Autolycus learns of their plans and of evidence that the Shepherd has kept all these years about Perdita's origins, and against his judgment guides the Shepherd to Polixenes who is in pursuit of the couple. Back in Sicilia, Paulina has become Leontes trusted confidant during his years of grief. Once all arrive in Bohemia it is revealed that Perdita is Leontes' daughter and Autolycus, once again pressed into court service, recounts the reconciliations. Paulina conjures a newly-made statue of Hermione to move and hold out her hand to Leontes. Hermione lives again to forgive Leontes' crime and reunite with her Perdita.


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Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

Leonato (Steve Gladstone) lives in Messina with his daughter, Hero (Cecilia Torres), and his niece, Beatrice (Bridget Connors). His friends Don Pedro (Robert Strain), Claudio (Euriamis Losada), Benedick (Peter Tedeschi), and Don John (James Samuel Randolph) return from the wars and take up residence in the home.

Benedick and Beatrice resume the war of insults that they have always fought, while Claudio and Hero pledge their love and decide to get married. Their friends decide to play a trick on Beatrice and Benedick and soon they fall in love with each other. Don John convinces Borachio (Christopher Vicchiollo) to make love that night to the servant girl Margaret (Annemaria Rajala), and he brings along Don Pedro and Claudio, convincing them that the servant girl is actually Hero. Claudio humiliates Hero by accusing her of lechery on the day of their wedding and abandoning her at the altar. The Village Priest convinces the family to hide her while the truth about her innocence remains to be proven and so he announces that Hero has died. Benedick and Beatrice confess their love to each other. Benedick apprehends Borachio, who confesses his treachery, and everybody learns of Hero's innocence. Leonato commands Claudio to tell everybody how Hero died, and to marry as punishment the old man's 'niece,' a girl who looks very much like the dead Hero. When she reveals her true identity, Claudio is overwhelmed with joy. Benedick then asks Beatrice if she will marry him. The company celebrates the upcoming double-wedding with a song and a dance.

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